Structural Steel Fabrication
Crane Lifting Structural Steel — Steel Fabrication in Salamander Bay, NSW

Structural steel fabrication in Port Stephens


Nelson Bay Steel Fabrications has one of the largest and most technologically advanced steel fabrication workshops in the Nelson Bay and Port Stephens area. Through our high-end equipment, trained and dedicated staff members and years of experience in the region, we are positioned to handle projects of any size or scope.

One of the most common projects that we undertake is the fabrication of structural steel. Our commercial and industrial clients rely on us to fabricate beams, plates, channels, angles, tubes or other structures at our warehouse.

Steel drafting

The process of fabricating steel for construction projects begins with steel drafting. We have advanced technology that allows us to provide detailed drawings, erection plans, 3D sketches and full-scale templates of the structures we will fabricate. The drafting process is key to ensuring that every item we manufacture is to your specifications.


Following the completion and approval of all drafts, we begin the fabrication process. We can handle structures for residential, commercial, industrial and government structures. With every project, you can assume we will finish on-time, within budget and with the highest quality of workmanship.

Whether it is a beam, column, flange, rectangular hollow section, flat bar, cleat or a circular hollow section, we fabricate it perfectly and inspect our work to ensure adherence to our standards. Any item that does not meet those standards is remade. Only after extensive checks do we deliver the items to our clients.
Structural Steel Frame — Steel Fabrication in Salamander Bay, NSW

Full service

Aside from fabricating and powder coating the steel structure to your liking, we can also perform installations at your location. We have the vehicles and equipment to transport the steel and set it up on your property, while we are happy to liaise with your construction crew regarding the project as well.

High profile work

We have already completed several high profile projects in the region from Port Stephens to Sydney, showcasing the quality and dedication of our team. From shopping centres and schools to commercial buildings and homes, we have built the steel structures for many buildings that are standing strong in this region.

If you require assistance with your structural steel project, we hope that you will call or email us at your earliest convenience.